TV and Radio Advertisement


Getting the right message to the right audience at the right time – that’s the hallmark of HJ Design’s successful strategies for medical professionals. For us, creating TV, radio, and movie theatre campaigns is only part of the picture; maintaining the flexibility to quickly adapt those media placements to changing circumstances and viewer preferences is critical to the best return on your media investment.

HJ Design’s media services include:

  • Full-service advertising and marketing campaign development to complement media promotion
  • Concept and script development
  • Production of commercials and ads
  • Strategic placement planning that rapidly adapts to changing conditions

herm edwards

Using local sports and entertainment celebrities can enhance and add believability to your messages.

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herm edwards tv ad

Full motion graphics grab prospect attention and provide opportunities for advanced message themes.

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direct response message

Close with a direct response message for increased traffic to your offices.

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tv commerical for doctors office

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frank white baseball legend

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movie theater advertisement

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