Strategic Advertising


At HJ Design, we capitalize on opportunities many overlook for advertising their medical businesses. Those opportunities involve much more than traditional yellow page ads, print ads, and practice brochures — they come from:

  • Practice brochures that visually and verbally address patient concerns and help build ongoing trust
  • Patient care materials that make the patient more knowledgeable about their illnesses and confident about their treatment plans
  • Internal forms, correspondence, apparel, health fair giveaways, flyers, newsletters, Web sites, and reminder cards that are attractive, informative, to the point, and consistent
  • Timely and strategically placed Direct Mail and print ads

We work with every client to maximize the obvious and the hidden advertising opportunities that build credibility and long-term success.

Why Targeting is so Important

Reduced advertising cost - by only sending your campaigns to the people most likely to take advantage of your services. We can target geographic locations, specific medical needs, specific incomes, age ranges, interests, and many other critera that allow us to target people who are actively looking for your services.

More useful feedback - by analysing the results of different advertising campaigns, we can determine what method of advertising will give you the best benefit for the least amount of money.

Effective targeting of market segments. For example, if you provide service to children, young adults, and seniors, you will want to market to them differently. We will help you develop ads that appeal to your particular client groups in the publications that they would see.