Practice Assessment


Do you feel like you are missing opportunities to grow your practice? Are you unsure how effective marketing could help you achieve your goals?

Take a few minutes to fill out the marketing practice assessment below and submit it to us. We will personally review your input and contact you with advice and recommended next steps.

Please provide the following information before completing the practice assessment.

Practice Name


1. Which of the following best describes your current marketing goals for your practice?

Increase my current patient base
Attract more of a specific type of patient
Become recognized as a leader in my field
Enhance our reputation
Increase doctor (or other professional) referrals
Market a new office location

2. Does your practice have a written marketing plan?   Yes No

3. How would you rate your current marketing plan?

Highly effective: I have a plan and I'm reaching my goals.
Somewhat effective: inconsistent effort or results.
Not effective: no plan and no measurable results.
I do not have a marketing plan.

4. What is your estimate of your current marketing budget? (Ads, gifts, website, incentives, etc.)

$0 - $10,000
$10,000 - $25,000
$25,000 - $50,000
More than $50,000

5. Are you a:

Private Practice
Member of a group practice with one partner or associate
Member of a group practice with two or more partners
or associates
Other: (please explain):

6. How would you rate your staff?

Tremendous asset
Good, not great
Needs help

7. How do most of your new patients find you?

Advertising and public relations
Patient referrals
Professional referrals
Insurance listings
Not sure/unknown

8. Check the following which best describes your current professional website:

Your website URL is easy to remember and type
Your website is patient-friendly and easy to navigate
Your website listing comes up on the first page in a web search
Your contact information is clearly displayed on the home page
Your site covers the products & services offered by your practice
Your website provides a "request an appointment" form or email
Your website appears professional and polished
You do not have a website


9. What is your timeline for making changes to your existing marketing plan or implementing a new one?

Within the next 30-60 days
Next year