Marketing Your Business


HJ Design’s turnkey marketing approach starts with analyzing what’s working and what could be improved in your overall marketing — from how your staff handles phone calls to where your current ads are being placed. Next, we pinpoint gaps that don’t support your marketing investment: at times, making operational changes has more impact than spending more on advertising. We work with you to implement a plan that balances your patients’ needs with your practice’s “business” needs.

Our customized plans focus on:

  • Branding/Identity Building — Making your business stand out in a positive way from patients’ other healthcare options
  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Program — Mapping out cost-effective ways to get your message across clearly, consistently, memorably AND establishing tracking programs that measure ongoing marketing success
  • Internal Marketing — Training your staff to leverage every inbound phone call and patient visit for practice success, to use a wide range of customer service skills, and to create and streamline successful tracking
  • Referral Programs — Expanding your specialty practice’s existing referral base with positive outreach and service excellence
  • External Marketing — Utilizing the best mix of publicity, advertising, and media at the right time and in the right places to meet your expansion goals.

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